New on github

14 Jan 2015

Richard Huang

We built 4 years ago, many rails developers come, discuss and share, we really appreciate it. was built by rails, old code is on github, old website askd developer sign in first, then he can share post, vote to like or dislike a post, ask or answer a question, etc.

It works good, but we look a bit arbitrary, when developer shares his post, it won't be shown until we "publish" it on the admin panel, and other developers can say they like or dislike only after the post is published. But the decision made by us may not good.

So we decided to rebuild by jekyll instead of by rails, new repo is here. Then if developer wants to share their best practices, he can fork the repo, write a new post then send a pull request, other developers can vote on the pull request, so everyone can express his idea before we "publish" the post. It sounds more democratic.

We also removed Q&A, job board, etc., they are not important, let's focus on the best practices.

Of course, all contributions are welcome: ideas, patches, documentation, bug reports, complaints, and even something you drew up on a napkin.